Friday, October 15, 2004

Blogging on a Friday Night With the Girls
Stacey is crticizing my typing, so I am handinding (sic) over my bog (sic) to her.

Oh great ... I have the power ... hee hee hee ...

Apparently I'm supposed to write something deep and profound, but I don't think I've had quite enough Merlot, so somewhat shallow will have to do. Okay, so we just watched 13 Going on 30 - that's Icy, Crabby and I - and we're trying to decide who would play us at 13. I say the chick who played Blossom on that TV series would be best suited to play me at that age - mouthy with a big nose (and not much has changed). Icy says she'd be played by the little girl in the movie Ponette but I haven't a bloody clue who the hell she's talking about, though she says she'd be played by Mare Winningham if it was the 80's. Crabby wants to be played by Christopher Reeve's wife (let us all bow our heads in rememberance for dear Mr. Reeve). So, who would be you at 13? Please share.

Penises. Let us talk of penises. To circumsise or not circumsise - that is the question. Yeah or nay - what do you feel (or not feel as the case may be). Apparently I am being nagged to start a blog page again, but alas, I haven't. I've meant to, honestly I have. Somewhere this has lead again to my bellydancing, but I'm not quite as sure how we got there. They're talking about it and I'm just sitting here tipping and typing away, not speaking of my belly at all.

Can you drown in the shower? Icy seems to think not. I beg to differ. I mean, if the drain is badly clogged and you fall over face down, I mean, it's possible, right? Time for music ... just a sec ... okay, we have tunes! Crabby wore the wrong undies today. Icy says if you wear control top pantyhose you don't need panties 'cause they have the control top (riiiigggghhhtt ...). Sometimes Icy carries hers or the IPs panties in her purse, but never Fresh's. Though she does wear Fresh's boxers to bed, ones with tigers (oh my!). Fields of Gold is Icy's fave Sting song. Reminds her of Newfoundland.

Crabby is blowing her finger up. Is that rude? Icy says it sounds like her furnace. Crabby says Mr. Crab made a mistake (?!). Apparently we're onto poetry humour. This is novel to me - I hadn't realized there was humour in most poetry (unless it's a limmerick). Somehow this leads to Educating Rita. Never saw it myself, but Icy says it's good,like Bridge on the River Kwai but I haven't seen that one either.

Assonance - the sound made by the gas man (you had to be there).

"I've got Runnymede in my Spadina."

Cultural Naughtiness with Penises (okay, again, you have to totally have been there).

Now they're sniffing Jo's Boy's. Yeah, I know how that sounds, but really, I'm talking about a book, I swear!

IQ: (Sister Stacey has gone downstairs with Crabby to smoke a cigarillo and go home. Wuss! WUSS! Sorry. I mean, we love you dear Sister Staceypatrick and we wil miss you when you go. God Speed!)

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