Friday, October 08, 2004

I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!
(during a discussion of what family members are coming for Thanksgiving)
IP: Lisa is your mommy.
Me: Huh? Why is Lisa my mommy?
IP: ‘Cause she’s the prettiest!
Me: Are you saying I’m not the prettiest?
IP: Lisa’s the prettiest ‘cause she has a necklace.
ME: Would I be pretty if I put on a necklace?
IP: No, but Lisa could give hers to you on Saturday and you could be pretty, but the dogs might need to lick it first, that’s why you can’t have it until Saturday. But Lisa is still the prettiest.
Me: What about Nana?
IP: Nana’s cute.
Me: When are you taking Lisa for fries?
IP: Soon. Can Paul drive us?

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