Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ice Queen's Novel, starring....YOU!
Because the whole theme of NaNoWriMo is “Quantity, Not Quality”, I have decided to write a Harlequin Romance.

They have writing guidelines and exercises and everything online. And they have all sorts of different series you can write for.

NaNoWriMo allows you to plan, but not write, before November 1st, so I’m working on my main character.

She’s a graphic designer who gets a job designing wine labels for a small family-run vineyard. She also ends up freelancing for a large mega-corp winery when something drastic happens. Naturally, both wineries are run by hunks who are bitter rivals. The mega-corp wants to shut down the family-run vineyard.

I have decided to name all of my characters after bloggers!

Stacey: the Heroine (because she was there for the original time we tried writing Harlequins in 1992.)
Lisa: the sharp-tongued best friend (because there always has to be one)
Mikael: the evil Danish mega-corp hunk (sort of Rutger Hauer-esque)
Markus: the kind Scottish hunk who runs the family vineyard
Sheryl: Markus’ mother. Doesn’t like Stacey, but may warm up when Stacey performs a feat of derring do
Terry: the colourful old-timer and caretaker who takes Stacey under his wing
Neil: the local journalist looking for dirt to advance his career
Eva: the cool Dutch beauty determined to steal Markus away
Outlaw: Mikael’s faithful and over-protective German Shepherd
Nathaniel: Wine critic.
Radmila: Wine critic
Wanda: Blowzy broad who runs the boarding house where Stacey is staying until she finds permanent accommodation.
Benjamin: Markus’ little brother. Usually causing trouble attributed to Stacey.
Lily: Marketing Head of Mega-Corp Winery
Brad Lamp: Stacey’s former design teacher. Cruel task-master or ally?

I see it as a cross between So I Married an Axe Murderer, Dynasty and Bridget Jones.

What do you think?

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