Friday, October 29, 2004

Report from the Schoolyard
Last school day before Hallowe’en, and on Ice Prince’s calendar, in big letters, it says “Wear Your Costume Today!”

Naturally, it took 15 minutes of negotiations to get him to put his winter coat on over his outfit. We started walking to school. No costumes on any of the kids. “Oh no, “ I thought, “Did I get the day wrong? Will IP be humiliated by being the only one wearing a costume and be scarred for life”? Then I see a kid with some face paint.

Go into the schoolyard. No costumes, turn the corner to the kindergarten doors and suddenly they’re all wearing costumes! What a relief!

You’ve all seen IP’s costume (see below). ALL of the girls were dressed as princesses except one who, god love her, was dressed as Superman. Or supergirl. I was so pleased! Half the boys were dressed as ninjas. What the - ?! Are ninjas popular with the under 3ft crowd? There must be some cartoon that IP doesn’t watch.

IP’s teacher was a fortune teller and another teacher was Betty Boop (looked great!)

I never wore a princess outfit. My first outfit of my own choice was a Red Mouse. (Mom made the costume.) Others have included:
Miss Piggy
Edith Prickley (Fresh was Napoleon – he’s 6 foot 1 – ha!)
Keith Richards (Fresh was Al Yankovic. I MUST find the picture for you.)
Madonna with cone bra
Ginger Spice (that was the year we went to Buddies in Bad Time’s party.)

What have been some of YOUR costume triumphs?

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