Monday, September 13, 2004

Sorry, You'll Be Humming This One All Day. I Am.
Have you been good all day? Okay, then. I just got off the phone after spending one hour with a charming IT professional (aka Computer Guy). While I was waiting, I wrote you a song:

Private Banker

You wanna make a million dollars
You want a Hummer and some DVDs
Who needs a husband and some children
Heck, I’ll throw in mine for free
All the men come to these places
And their suits are all the same
Wearing Monday faces
They just want to play the game,

I’m your private banker
I’ll make you some money
Cause that’s what you want me to do
I’m your private banker
So give me your money
Any old greenbacks will do

Not Bre-X or Nortel
(Insert my bank here) will do nicely thank you
Let me loosen up your wallet
Tell me, do want me to examine your portfolio again?

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