Monday, September 27, 2004

Bit and Bites
Go enjoy the Haiku O' Truth. Yeah, baby, yeah.

I am currently reading the book The Nanny Diaries. In it, there is a chapter called "Night of the Banking Dead." Do I sense a new drinking night name? I think I do!

My running's going fine. Thanks for asking. I seem to have lost weight. I almost fit back into my leather skirt, which is nice. Unfortnately, I now need to buy a smaller sports bra or suffer whiplash.

Hootchie Mama had on such spectacular shoes today (silver stilletos with laces up the calves, you know) that a little girl behind Ice Prince in the Kindergarten line yelled out: "Mommy, look at that lady's fancy shoes!" I am determined to make friends with her - or at least speak to her. She gets off in her get up at Bay Station every morning. Maybe we could car pool! Oh, wait. I don't have a car. Never mind.

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