Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Lord, I feel like a parent!
Tomorrow is the big day. Ice Prince gets his first taste of school. He wants to wear his Hawaiian shirt. Fresh thinks he’ll look like a tourist, but I think it’s sweet.

Because we moved when I was a kid, I attended TWO different kindergartens.

The first was wonderful. The teacher was sweet. I had a boyfriend named Jimmy Nickel (Bonus points if you can tell me the significance of another Jimmy Nickel who was much too old to be in school with me.). We coloured together. They served us apples and oranges cut in zigzags. I learned how to spell Brontosaurus. I loved it.

The second was horrible. The teacher was mean. I couldn’t find my bus and cried. No one cared. When I went to the puppet theatre she yelled “It’s not time for that! Go sit in the circle!” I hated it.

Please, let Ice Prince have a good teacher.

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