Thursday, September 16, 2004

Idol Thoughts
Watching Canadian Idol. A guilty pleasure, because Fresh would not approve. Not edifying enough. But he's working late.

1. Jacob ruled.

2. But what the hell was he doing and why did Ben push him away? Ah, if only they had kissed, like Crabby had hoped!

3. Ryan Malcolm's song was fabulous -- but he did a crappy job of singing it. If only Jacob had sung it, it would have ROCKED.

4. Kalan's singing is good quality, but he is a freaky pretty boy zombie with no personality. Fruit Cocktail summed it up when she compared his winsome sidways glances to Princess Di.

5. Theresa is a darling. Talented, humbled, pretty but not in your face. The perfect Canadian.

6. A cowboy hat on Kalan? But shit, he does sing well.

Okay, you're on Canadian Idol. Choose a song to sing by:
Gordon Lightfoot
Lionel Richie
Elton John
Billy Joel
Stevie Wonder
Kenny Loggins

I choose:
GL: Sundown
LR: Truly
EJ: Skyline Pigeon
BJ: Captain Jack
SW: Overjoyed
KL: House at Pooh Corner (cheating, since this technically includes Messina), so by himself: Forever

Aw, man. Now I want to do karaoke tomorrow night......I'm a bad singer, but I do it with great enthusiasm.

Now, back to the show.....

Late addition: Well, yes, Kalan won. I admit grudgingly that he did do an excellent job. But smiling and showing a little enthusiasm wouldn't have hurt. Maybe he's on drugs.

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