Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ice Queen's Roots Exposed in Major National Magazine!
Got the new issue of Food and Drink and it's magnificent. But one feature on fall fairs made me nearly choke on my California Rolls:
"Glencoe Fair
The Glencoe Fair...does a wonderful job of exposing visitors to aspects of both rural and urban life. Hosted in a town, it has access to urban amenities, but...a strong agriculrtural focus. Glencoe Fair is a delightful melange of tradition, education and entertainment.

Saturday is packed full of activities including a huge community parade and agriculture and livestock shows for cattle, sheep, horses and swine."

I could go on. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Well, I spent my formative years in Glencoe (age 12 - 18) and I can tell you the dirty truth!

The urban amenities in the article most likely refer to hot and cold running water. There is also a Becker's, where I once got lectured by my boss in 1985 for dressing inappropriately. (I think I was wearing some sort of Madonna/Whitney Houston get-up). There were no stop lights when I lived there but I seem to rememebr one from last time I visited, so Glencoe is indeed barrelling into the 20th century.

The fair itself is pleasant and all - if you live there and are starved for entertainment. Looking at blue ribbon squash and watching Bessie Bingo (in which the field is divided into squares and you bet on which square the cow will take a dump in - no, seriously!) is all very nice. But I certainly wouldn't recommend that any Bay Street bankers reading Food and Drink drive their Mercedes two and a half hours to Glencoe to enjoy it.

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