Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ringo, the Artist Formerly Known as Ice Prince
(not exactly as pictured)
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So I took Ice Prince in today and tried to make an appointment with the teacher. She says “No need. I just wanted you to be aware of the problem. We’ll work on it. It’ll take some time. I just hoped you could reinforce some things at home – like asking him to sit quietly on the carpet.”

Oh. Well, that was simple enough. And what, you may ask, were his transgressions?

“Well, one example is when he was drumming during storytime.”

Hootchie Mama
When dropping off Ringo today, I saw Hootchie Mama coming out from dropping her kid off.. She is about 20 years old, was wearing hot pink stilettos, a teeny pink tank top with her bra straps and tattoo showing, and a micro mini skirt that showed her panties (surprisingly not pink) when she sat down on the bus.

She got on the subway with me, but it was so crowded, I didn’t see where she got off.

What kind of job has that kind of uniform at 9 am? The heels certainly didn’t look comfy.

And what if I somehow become friends with Hootchie Mama? And then she starts reading my blog and finds out I call her Hootchie Mama?

She’s probably typing in her own blog right now about the freaky girl in the retro jazz singers shirt. Wonder what she’ll name me?

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