Friday, June 11, 2004

The Queen is pleased.

Boomer has written his review to the tune of "New York New York" all by himself! I'm so proud. My little banker is growing up!

However, it touts the sale of my DVD, so now I have to design the cover, etc. etc. Stay tuned for that.

"Start spreading the news
The Ice Queen's on stage
You need to see it to believe it, buy the DVD, buy the DVD
That $15 dress
Lights up the stage
The funds go to a good cause
Buy the DVD, Buy the DVD
She's got B-Girlz Conchita, Hard Kora, and Barbie Q
And 4 dancing boys dressed as girls too
She sings and she dances
It's a sight not to be missed
She'll raise a fortune with it
Buy the DVD
It's a special show just at Fashioncares
Patti and Icey don't just sing anywhere
It's up to you, buy the DVD, buy the DVD
Buy the DVD"

All funds from the currently being designed DVD of Mass Humiliation go to my Pride and Remembrance Sashay. (Run? In the heat? Besides, they don't care as long as I pony up the dough. Or do they? How about a scooter? Maybe I could rent roller blades......I'm "hell on wheels in a black dress" - name that tune, my current fave for motivation.)

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