Saturday, June 26, 2004

Golly, that was fun!
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Yep, I did it. I went in the Pride Run in full royal regalia. I ran okay. I eventually caught up to B!ll Gr@ham, Fresh's boss, and ran with him. We ended up crossing the finish line together amid a flurry of flashes, so it's entirely possible that we might be in Xtra or Fab next week. The announcer said, "And here comes B!ll Gr@ham, Fore!gn Aff@irs M!nister with the Queen of the Riding." Oh, I'm loving that! Next stop: my own program on City-TV.

Boomer was there and took some pictures. Fresh was there too with Ice Prince. IP was wearing a purple crushed velvet jester's hat with stars.

I did not however, see Mikevil. I was very disappointed and nearly cried, but then I remembered I was wearing mascara.

So pictures will be up early next week.

I'm so proud of me! Hurrah me!

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