Thursday, June 10, 2004

My lunch date Dear Friend Dave is running a little behind but promises it will make a wonderful story, so I had time to finish my song.

Remember my "Smells Like David Miller" song? (see November archives, Nov 8th.) Well it's time for:
Layton (sung to the tune of Layla by Eric Clapton. Fast or slow version, your choice. If you don't know this song, go sit in the corner for the rest of lunch hour and think about what you've done wrong.)

Well you know you won’t get lonely
With wifey running by your side
You’ve been running and winning much too long.
You know it’s just your foolish pride.

Layton, you’re running in my riding
Layton, and yet I’m still deciding
Layton, honey won’t you shave off your moustache

I tried to give you consideration
’cause I think Mills is such a clown.
Don’t know what to do, can’t fall in love with you,
Although I like Olivia Chow

Layton, the lesser of the evils
Layton, you’re cute but no Mikevil
Layton, darling won’t you ease my indecision

You’ve teeth like little chiclits
Wear pastels just like a pro
You’d do just great in Opposition
Still hurtin’ from my vote for Bob Rae, d’oh!.

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