Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Crabby Says®, Now Appearing in the Icicle Fief!
Today’s Guest blogger is Crabby! Here’s what’s on her mind today:
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Stupid things I said when I was young(er), that I now rescind:
Feta cheese stinks. I hate it.
I will never be too busy to talk to you.
I want to be an airline stewardess.
My sister is a pain in the ass.
I prefer male friends to female friends.
Bagged salad? How pathetic.
James Bond? How pathetic. (Actually, I still say this.)
I will never have unprotected sex.
I will never have sex on a first date.
I want to have twins.
Cats are filthy and disgusting.
I will never have plastic surgery.
I don't want to be rich.
I will always vote for the good, not to get rid of the bad.

IQ’s editorial comment: Personally, I still think bagged salad is pathetic. And I never use it all, and then it goes all slimy. May as well bulk buy a small quantity of mesclun.

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