Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The specialist says I am very healthy with low blood pressure and 100% lung capacity. So I either:
1. Have rare blood disease (unlikely)
2. Have a thyroid problem (causes exhaustion – makes me catch viruses)
3. Am a very busy working mom (see above brackets) who happens to be in the wrong places at the wrong times

Thanks. That helps. A few more tests to undergo, but otherwise – not much help. Hopefully the warmth and extended daylight will work wonders.

Fun With Google
The latest searches that led to my page:
sexy naked glencoe girls
"you don't look aboriginal" art
“lori Cullen"
jazz snoozin
snausages, sound clips
ice queen t-shirt
hot girls from acton ontario naked
"how to get a tight butt"
"how to open a door with a credit card"
chubby sedum
ladybug daycare toronto
"hey you kids get out of that jello tree"
The Continental Chistopher Walken
"student council" +"thunderation"
"how to get red wine stains out"
wisdom teeth OHIP
sexy queen fantasy pictures
Bleeding Gums Murphy Song 80s

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