Friday, April 16, 2004

My correspondence with a celebrity
You may remember that I donated a prize to the Bloggies for Best Canadian weblog. Well, mezzoblue was the winner. And it’s time to pay the piper. Here’s Dave’s reply to my e-mail:
"I donated the book "Sweet Potato Queen's Book of Love" as the prize. Upon visiting your site, I'm not sure it's your sort of thing. may have the Sweet Potato Book OR you may receive a mystery book of equal value to be chosen by me. What do you think? Your choice. "

Quite possibly not. While the 'mystery book' idea has its appeal, I'm drowning in accumulating, yet unread books at the moment.

Tell you what -- instead of sending ME the book, why not either a) donate it to your local library, or even better b) go to and grab a label, then release it into the wild?

"In a bizarre coincidence, I stumbled your page trying to figure out CSS through the zen garden. And then I see you've won the prize I donated. Strange, strange. "

Very odd.


What a hoopy frood that guy is. Okay, so I’m going to register the Sweet Potato Queen’s with bookcrossing and see what happens. But I feel he ought to receive some sort of prize. Maybe I should write him a song? Any suggestions for songs to base it on?

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