Thursday, April 08, 2004

I’m Fresh Obsessed!
Today is the 16th anniversary of my meeting Fresh. Some of you newbies may wonder why my husband is called Fresh. Well, he’s a rather serious fellow, but for my 30th birthday, he set up a DJ stand in our tiny living room and his alter ego “Funky Fresh” was born.

Anyhow, we met at a dance. I went with Sister Staceypatrick and hooked up with my ex boyfriend. And then I met Fresh. I had spiky garnet hair and was wearing black and neon green (ah, the 80s!).

I remember he asked if he could kiss me at the end of the evening, which I thought was the sweetest thing.

Fresh and I are the yin to each other’s yang. I am silly and spontaneous. Fresh is serious and stable. Fresh is sentimental and emotional and I am…well…an ice queen. But what do we have in common? Let me think:

I like to cook. Fresh likes to eat.
We like Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.
We like wine. A lot.
We like to have dinner parties.
We like to travel.
We like to read.
We are both in the field of communications, although we met when we were both studying theatre.
We both like jazz and blues and Bee Gees.
I like the crunchy fries and Fresh doesn’t.
We are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.
We both prefer cats to dogs as pets.
We like all the same foods and dislike all the same foods.
We both like to celebrate little things, like our 16th anniversary of meeting. (Heck, I just remembered Fresh giving me a “Happy 3 month anniversary of meeting” card.)

Any of you who know Fresh and me may feel free to expand on my yin/yang theory.

So here’s to Fresh and the fateful night 16 years ago.

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