Friday, April 30, 2004

A Taxing Day
Finished the taxes today (after finding all of the obscure codes and the elusive “line 150” required). Fresh and I pretty much break even between the two of us. Eh, could be worse. Glad it’s finished, though.

Ice Prince is in a royally bad mood. But he did come up with one social comment this morning:
IP: “Boys have bags.”
Me: “Huh?” (worried this may be a rude comment)
IP: “Boys have bags, Mommy, and girls have purses, right?”
Me: “Oh, uh, right. Usually.”

Interesting that a 3 year old noticed that distinction. He didn’t learn it from me – I let him carry around the gold lamé purse his Nana gave him for his birthday while wearing my high heels.

Tonight we’re having Crabby and Father Patrick O’Stacey over for supper. It’s weird having each without their spouse. It’s like having Fred and Betty over. Or Wilma and Barney. Anyhow, we’re having Queer Eye Ted’s Rack of Lamb. And I’m making lentils for the first time ever, simmered in lamb stock with shallots.

It’s so nice to have an edible hobby.

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