Monday, April 12, 2004

Homeland Security, Ice Prince-Style
Me: “So, the Easter Bunny comes this weekend. Do you know what the Easter Bunny does?”
Ice Prince (who's 3): “He calls the office and talks on the phone to Daddy.”
Me: “No, he brings chocolate eggs!”
IP: ‘Chocolate! Hurrah!”

Later that night:
Me” “You have to go to bed. The Easter Bunny will be here soon.”
I.P.: “You won’t let him in the house, will you?”
Me: “Huh?”
I.P.: “When he comes to the door, don’t let him in the house. Tell him to leave the eggs in the backyard, okay?”
Me: “Yeah, sure, kiddo, if that’s what you want.”
I.P.: “Remember, tell him he has to stay outside!”
Me: "Right"
I.P.: "Don't let him in the house!"
Me: "Okay, I promise!"

So we hid chocolate eggs outside and Ice Prince went around and had a great time finding them in the morning.

I just hope he doesn’t expect Santa to leave everything outside too.

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