Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Grab Bag
Me: If I had to choose one word to describe you it would be "earnest".
Fresh: If I had to describe you I'd say you were "no-nonsense."
Me: "God, we sound boring."
So, what one word would you use to describe me? And you?

Boomer: "I'm so glad my new nephew's eyes are blue."
Me: "All newborns have blue eyes. They turn their true colour later."
Boomer: "They do? Even non-caucasian babies?"
That has me stumped. Anybody know? My educated guess would be that they aren't blue, but maybe a kinda of grey non-colour to start. Ice Prince's Eyes were sort of bluey-hazel but turned brown pretty quickly (couple of weeks).

So today is Virtue Day. I have a bunch of things I've been putting off and they must be done and I shall do them today. Or tomorrow if time doesn't permit. But Saturday is Debauchery Day when we have Geezerpalooza for Fresh and Mr. Crab's 38th birthdays. Egad, that seems like such a grown-up age. Can I really be married to a man who's turning 38? Most of the time, I barely feel like more than 14 myself.

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