Wednesday, April 21, 2004

The Moral? May As Well Finish Your Dessert.
Clia A. Shapiro has recently published a book of pictures of inmates' last meals as requested before execution. (She recreated them for the pictures.) It makes you think about what you would want for your last meal. Something decadent like crème brulée? Something bad for you like KFC and fries (because it doesn’t matter now)? Something to remind you of what was important to you (like Nana’s bangers and mash with Mom’s famous pie for dessert? Or something that reminds you how very beautiful and miraculous life is (raspberries, mangoes, milk)?

Her photos aren’t on line, but here’s a list of last meals, if you’re curious.

(Sad note: When Rickey Ray Rector was executed, the mentally impaired inmate set aside half of his pecan pie for after the execution.)

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