Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Queen of Babylon!
Uncie Herb lent me a tape of Queer as Folk last night. It's highly addictive. This episode "featured" (according to the credits, way to go, agent!) my Dear Friend Dave®. I got see see Dave in a way I..errrr...haven't seen him before. And no not naked. I've seen that, sort of. My, my.

Basically, his character was very much like the DFD I know and love. But as good as he looked, he's much better looking in person.

What did I learn from this episode?
1. I want to pole dance.
2. I wish someone would dare me sometimes. I miss that.
3. I want to make a black shirt with duct tape on it.
4. I don't have brunch enough.
5. I miss DFD. He always makes me smile!
6. I better write some poems before I see DFD again or I'll be in for a tongue lashing. Purely metaphorical, Uncie Herb. You wish.
7. I need to find out want time this show is on regularly.
8. I need to work out more.
9. Always have $5000 available or a kindly drug dealer.
10. It' s good to be King. Or Queen.

Thanks, Uncie Herb.

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