Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
Mary had a little lamb – risotto on the side.

Okay, lots to do today, but first, the news:
1. I’m getting my tubes tied on October 8th. (and no, Boomer, don’t come over to my desk and ask about it. It is elective surgery, so I’m being vague about it. Maybe I’ll get more sympathy that way.) I get three days off. Well, two, I guess. The first day I’m in the hospital. Crabby, do I still get mangoes? When asked if he wanted anymore siblings, Ice Prince screamed: “GIVE ME PEANUTS NOW!” Which only strengthened my resolve.
2. Went to Goodwill yesterday and got the bitchinest boots. Really. I’m soooo excited. No, Sis, they aren’t go-go boots. Oh! I love ‘em.
3. My new brilliant idea is to make books with one padded cover to use as a mouse pad. While you’re waiting for soething tedious to process, download or print you can read your book. Great, eh?
4. I remembered that I used to think the words to “When Smokey Sings” (from 1987) were:
“When smoke descends, I hear firemen.”

Must visit today, if you’re going to hell anyway….

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