Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Gee, I Wasn't Nervous About It Before......

Me: My brochure here says I have to bring a medical record from my family doctor to my pre-op appointment.
Dr. Hibbert's New Receptionist: They give you a form.
Me: Who?
Her: Pre-op.
Me: How can I take the form to my pre-op appointment if they don’t give it to me until I go to the appointment?
Her: Can you hold?
Time passes.
Her: They give you a form.
Me: Who?
Her: Pre-Op. And then Doctor Hibbert fills it out.
Me: Then who do I give it to?
Her: Dr. Hibbert.
Me: No, I mean after Dr. Hibbert fills it out.
Her: You take it to your pre-op appointment.
Me: But I’ll already have been to the pre-op appointment. That’s where the form is coming from.
Her: Oh. Well then just bring it on the day of the surgery. It's that's not right, we'll figure it out.
Me: Ummmmmm....okay.......

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