Thursday, January 12, 2006

Welcome Shelley!
I was thinking about Shelley last night, since I am going to meet her tomorrow, and realized that I know pretty much nothing about New Zealand. I decided that I should do some research.

Like Looking In a Mirror
New Zealand is very much like Canada. We both have the same Queen (me), a Governor General and a Prime Minister (theirs is a woman). In the Quality of Life Ranking, Canada is 14th, new Zealand is 15th. We also both have a big honking tower with love handles, but theirs is purple.
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Some things, though, are different:

Some facts from Wikpedia
Lord of the Rings and Xena were filmed in New Zealand.

There are no snakes in New Zealand.

Scottish influences are strong (hurrah! – IQ), mainly in the southernmost parts of the South Island. In general, early immigrants from other parts of Europe and Asia, and World War II refugees (particularly the Dutch(that means you, Eva – IQ)) were readily assimilated. (Resistance is futile!-IQ)

Many people have claimed that non-M?ori New Zealanders have no culture.

The three "R's" of New Zealand culture are Rugby, Racing and beeR

Favourite saying: “She’ll be right, mate.”

New Zealanders are practical people and generally dislike intellectual pretension. Academics are not highly valued in New Zealand culture, and people who get their hands dirty and muck in are appreciated more. An insult directed to people seen as too theoretical is "intellectual wanker”

Good on ya, mate!
Prostitution was decriminalised, the legal drinking age is 18, legal recognition is given to lesbian and gay relationships, as well as providing heterosexual couples with an alternative to formal marriage. New Zealand also has one of the world's most liberal attitudes to the migration of gay couples.

Ask the Kiwi
Now it’s your chance, gentle readers, to suggest questions you would like me to ask Shelley to further your understanding of New Zealand. Bring it on!

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