Monday, January 16, 2006

Stars on 45
So I met Shelley on Friday night. She is even prettier in person. She had never had chicken wings before. Apparently, they don't serve them in New Zealand. And she thought the carrots and celery on the side with blue cheese dressing were hilarious.

I also met Robot Johnny, or as Maria put it: “OH MY God! YOU’RE Robot Johnny?!”

Yes, it was an evening of star gazing. Eva was our host. I sat with Jen and Jen. And Brett showed up after I left. Kind of like Polkaroo, eh? Why are Brett and I never in the same place? Hmmmm? Coincidence?

Maria starting saying lots of quotable things. One story began “I used to have a thing for cows….” And another was “My mother ate my dog.” “Your dog?” “No, my duck!”

Maria gave Ice Prince a CD of kids songs that have his name in them. I put the CD on. The guy on the CD said IP’s name. IP looked up. Then the guy on the CD said, “Ice Prince, do you like playing with trucks?” “YES!” yelled Ice Prince. “Ice Prince, do you like playing on the computer?” “YES! Mommy, HOW DOES HE KNOW ALL THIS ABOUT ME? HOW DOES HE KNOW?!”

Maria, Ice Prince owes you a thank you (see below) and you owe him a few years of therapy for messing with his little mind. I wish you’d been there when he heard it. Where’d you get it?

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