Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Breath of Fresh Air
There is so much excitement going on in our house.

Ice Prince is on the verge of READING and WRITING. He despised both before Christmas, but suddenly KABOOM, the kid is telling me what letter every word I utter begins with (“You’re driving me INSANE with this!” “Insane starts with the letter ‘I’, Mommy!”) and he’s sounding out words in his story books. He also demanded a book on skeletons and organs “so I can see where something goes when I drink it.” The book I got actually shows the digestive system in rather gory detail. He’s disgusted, but fascinated. “Look at the meatballs!” “Those aren’t meatballs, that’s poo.” “Poo? Really? Cool!” Today I am charged with bringing home a book about space from the library. His printing and spelling are improving. He knows how to spell both Yummy and Mommy, which can, of course, be used together to describe me.

In other news, Fresh is finished with the election and will be home tonight! He also might be offered a new job soon…the employer asked for a reference from his boss, who – of course- has been a teensy bit busy. But they are connecting today so we shall see what may come of that. And some interesting (good) rumours about Fresh’s boss, which I shan’t reveal here (I don’t like to repeat gossip, so listen carefully the first time.), although if you read the Globe and Mail you’ll see.

I’m just happy to have Fresh back.

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