Monday, January 23, 2006

Ice Queen Election Day Special

I think I blogged about this ages ago, but most current readers won't remember, so enjoy! Again, maybe!

My family moved a lot when I was a kid. About every two years. No, I wasn't a military brat, I think they just got bored easily.

Anyhow, we moved the summer before I started Grade 8. To Glencoe! Being painfully shy, I decided the best way to make new friends was to run for student council president.

I made posters. I gave a speech in front of Grades 6 to 8 (my voters). And miraculously, I won!

I saw this as my gateway to popularity. Strangely, I did not end up popular. But it was still an ego boost that got me through my formative years. How could I be a loser? I had been elected President!

5 years later in high school, I met someone from my public school. She had been in Grade 6 at the time.

"I remember you! You were the Student Council President!"
"That's right, I still can't believe I won."
"Well, the Grade 6s only voted for you because you were the only one who had boobs already."

The truth hurts.

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