Thursday, January 05, 2006

Think Your Family Is Crazy?
The lady behind me on the bus was relating her Christmas:
“My mother-in-law bought me a bathroom scale as my gift. And she made my husband pee off the porch because she was worried about the septic system. And we had to shower at the neighbours house (who were away).”
I felt like turning around and saying, “Congratulations, you win.”

Who Is It?
You believe in him even though you’ve never seen him. There are many stories about him and many different versions of that story. He portrayed as kind and loving, although you are expected to be on your best behaviour for full rewards.
a) Santa Claus
b) Jesus
c) Snuffalupagus
d) Polkaroo
e) Your CEO

Beating Off
I’m officially learning the bodhran. I spent an hour last night trying to strike the skin at the right angle with the beater. It’s hard, but possible. It’s better, once you’ve learned the technique, not to concentrate too much. Maybe someday you’ll get to hear me play! Bodhran players are quite often considered hacks because anyone thinks they can play a drum. Here are some jokes about bodhran players.

I also bought myself a tin whistle. I can play the intro to Rant and Roar so far, and that’s about it.

Next up: The Button Accordion!

My So-Called Life
Fresh came home last night after work. (Late, the campaign has ramped back up again.)
F: So what did you do tonight?
IQ: I practised the bodhran. And then I watched a CBC pilot called This Space for Rent, which was pretty good, and at the end they had a skill testing question to win a Vespa so I went online and entered. I'm going to win a Vespa!
F: Sounds good.
IQ: And then I ate an apple.

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