Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What's New
1. Took Ice Prince in the big pool yesterday. The kid has no fear and immediately wanted to hold his breath and try to touch the bottom. This is both good and bad. Swimming Lessons are in order.
2. I have been identified as the "prime candidate" for a job here at the Behemoth. Much bureaucracy will ensue, with having to write and post the job, etc. There is a vague possibility that a better candidate could emerge, but the job is pretty much mine to lose. It's not the most exciting, but would probably be a smart move, in that I would be much more involved in strategy and decision making. Not a sideways move, maybe a diagonal move. Hmmm...let's see if I can get a counter offer, considering my boss has just left....
3. Later this week will be Danish Day, due to popular demand. Stay tuned.

ADDENDUM: I will gladly add any of your own nationalities to be featured here at The Fief by request. We aim to please! (As long as it amuses us.)

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