Monday, August 29, 2005

Meme Chose
Here's what Radmila had to say about me:

"1. You are a Poet who is very comfortable in front of a crowd.
2. Notting Hill or Penny Lane
3. Red Licorice
4. Kiss me
5. The crown. Forever the crown.
6. I would have to say a siamese cat. Quiet, sleek and watchful
7. What got you to start blogging?"

The reason I started blogging was that I was reading the Annex Gleaner and saw an ad placed by Brett. I e-mailed him to say hi and he told me he had a blog. I got hooked reading it.

At work, I would often e-mail my thoughts and jokes to Boomer. Or write poems and send them to Crabby and Sister StaceyP. Why not share them with the world?

Ice Queen is the name Fresh gave me. Icicle Fief is, of course, both a Fellini and Benigni reference. Did I spell that right? What-ever.

And that's how my blog came to be.

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