Friday, August 05, 2005

Danish Food
with research from Wikipedia and other sites
Danes love good food. Good food is an important ingredient in the Danish concept of hygge. Hygge can be best translated as a "warm, fuzzy, comfortable feeling of well-being". A well-known quip states that the only time one is likely to find a Dane brandishing a knife, is when he has a fork in the other hand.
Denmark is famous for its pølsevogn (sausage wagons), where you can cheaply get a 12 inch long, thin (about the diameter of your index finger) red wiener. Mmmmm…mmmm!

Danes also enjoy Dyrlægens natmad (translated, Veterinarian's midnight snack). What do you think a veterinarian in a hurry might slap onto to piece of bread? Ick!

Danish liquorice contains large amounts of ammonium chloride and is probably the strongest kind of liquorice in the world. Some Danes love to share their liquorice with unsuspecting foreigners. This means YOU.

If a Dane invites you for dinner, arrive promptly. There are no pre-dinner drinks; you will be led straight to the dinner table. Cocktails are served AFTER dinner, and is it consider impolite to leave too early.

Danish humour
“Danish humour suffers from the handicap of the Danes' literal-mindedness ('Can you play the violin?' 'I don't know, I've never tried.'), and for their need to conform. In a country where all right-thinking people think the right things, no one is sufficiently different to laugh at.”

I did find one Danish joke:
Q: Why don't the Danes play hide and seek?
A: Nobody whats to look for them.

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