Monday, August 29, 2005

The Red Book: A Manifesto for the New Sue

It begins with the hair and goes from there.

So now I’m on a diet. No…really. No booze. So sad! And exercise. Yawn. Watch this space for Paypal contributions to my Christmas liposuction fund.

I will have a new job within 8 months.

I will keep the house neat and tidy and armadillo-free.

I will NOT dress like Stevie Nicks.

I will not be afraid to ask for what I want.

I will smile. Sometimes.

I will not leave all my clothes and books next to the bed.

I will learn to do something: like play an instrument or speak a language or pole dancing.

I will drink more water and more milk.

I will not throw out pans just because they're too dirty to contemplate scrubbing.

I will stop typing and get to work.

I will start……..wait for it……NOW!

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