Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Low on the Curb Appeal
We have a Buy and Sell Online Bulletin Board at work. It’s hilarious! You wouldn’t believe the crap people try to sell. It’s also good for gossip, when you see “never worn” wedding dresses and engagement rings. Anyhow, here are two pets that, sadly, will probably not find good home.

11 yr old Long Hair Jack Russell Terrier
Detailed Description Free to a good home. Good health. Shots up to date. Absolutely hates, and will bite, children. Will also bite other dogs and adults who try to make her do anything that she doesn't want to do. Best for a single adult or adults who are home enough to give her some attention. Will let her favorite person do almost anything but will bite anyone else who tries (i.e. to pick her up, etc).
Will be totally loving and devoted to her favorite adult. Does a few tricks.
Ed: Did we mention that he BITES?

Wonderful cat to a good home
Detailed Description I have to give up my wonderful cat to a good home as I am unable to care for him. He is a beautiful black and white long hair cat with such a personality! He would do amazing in a home without other cats or dogs as he craves attention. I will provide everything (pet bed, litter box, food, litter, feeder etc free!) If you can provide my baby with a good home give me a call:
Picture(s):stinkyathome.JPG 1371 (KB)
Ed: You might want to rename your graphics before posting them.

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