Monday, March 21, 2005

Rules Are Made to Be Broken
Some of you already know, but haven’t mentioned anything here before, so here it is:

My parents are moving in with us. Now, my parents read this blog, as do their friends, so you won’t hear me dissing them or anything. And in answer to the inevitable questions:

1. Because Dad’s retired and there’s nothing to keep them living in Glencoe anymore.
2. Basement Apartment, separate entrance
3. Seasonally (they’ll be up to the trailer from May to October.)
4. Yes, Ice Prince is excited.
5. Sure, it’ll have very good results (inhouse babysitting and a van) and some bad results (hopefully Dad won’t play his Whitesnake albums too loud and Mom won’t ruin the paint by taping up all of her Justin Timberlake posters).

The hardest part will be training Ice Prince that he can’t just run down there any time he likes to visit. “But Mommy, privacy is just for the bathroom,” he says.

The Crabbys were over on Saturday and we were talking to IP. “So,” I said to him, “You have house rules. Are there any house rules Nana and GP will need to know about?”

“No going down!” says IP.

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