Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Sainthood Is In The Mail
Busy today, possums. Today is a Virtuous Day®, whereby I do things that scare me like:
1. Returning rather ancient voice mails
2. Calling a stranger (ugh!) to ask them about taking away our old washer and dryer.
3. Doing the last fiddly bits to get our employee newsletter done.
4. Cleaned off my sty of a desk. I have a box full of band-aids (unopened, natch) and photos of Ice Prince. And hair gel. And a pair of underwear. And a dress. And crayons. Don’t I sound like I have a fun job?
5. Arranging meetings with people I have ignored. For good reason.
6. Smiling at people I don’t like (okay, that was actually a mistake. I thought it was my boss coming around the corner, but it was someone else.)

In other news, today is Beach Day at Ice Prince’s school. Err…yes, that’s right. Not St. Patrick’s Day, but BEACH DAY. Explain to me why they can celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and not St. Patrick’s Day? Is there some IRA contingent in East York that I was previously unaware of? (Of which I was previously aware?) Fresh was goading me to join the Home and School Association for pure entertainment value.

Okay, can’t spend Virtuous Day® on the blog. À la prochain!

(Feeling better thanks.)

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