Monday, March 07, 2005

Crabby Reads!
Our first nomintation for the Icicle Fief comes from Crabby.
Title: Testament
Author: Nino Ricci
Genre: Historical fiction.
About what: Set in a remote corner of the Roman Empire at a moment of political unrest and spiritual uncertainty, it re-tells the life of a man of enormous charisma who alters the course of human history. The main character's story is told through the eyes of four characters: Judas Iscariot, Mary Magdalene, his mother Miryam, and Simon. And, if you haven't guessed already, the main character is Jesus.
Why read it: There are no miracles here! Indeed, Ricci writes that Jesus was conceived as the result of a rape, not immaculate conception. This is a book about a fictionalized human being, not the son of God. This is not my favourite work of Canadian literature, but it is astonishingly good and very different from anything else that is likely to be on your list.

Any questions for Crabby about her nomination?

(Don't forget, if YOU want to nominate a book, email me at screamforicequeenAT gmailDOTcom, this means YOU, Mikevil and JustMark!)

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