Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Maria's Reading Adventure in Downtown Toronto
Part trois in the ongoing Icicle Fief Reads series. To nominate a book, e-mail screamforicequeenAtgmailDOTcom
Title: The Song Beneath the Ice
Author: Joe Fiorito
Genre: Fiction/drama/mystery
About what: This book is about a Toronto musician who
suddenly disappears. His friends decides to look for
him and find out what really happened.
Why you should read it:This book shows a portrait of Toronto as it sounds, it helps us appreciate all the sounds that surround us in
our everyday lives, sounds we may take for granted
like the TTC chimes, the streetcar bell, people
walking by speaking different languages. It also talks
about places in the city that all of us might be
familiar with. It is an amazing portrait of Toronto
through an often overlooked point of view.

(P.S. to Crabby: I'm going to post my sonnet to the 2DM now.)

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