Sunday, December 12, 2004

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast
Well, it was that kind of week. I managed to pull off a shipload of high visible projects at work, backwards in high heels even!

It culminated in the first of TWO office Christmas parties (we have a big honkin' department and I serve both halves. And I mean serve in the non-prono way. Naughty! Santa's watching, you know.) Anyhow, the SVP seemed a bit concerned about the place I had chosen. Not sure why - probably because it wasn't a pub. He loves pubs. This was a lounge. With beads and low cubes to sit on and posters for something called SpankDelicious (I had to phone Boomer and share.) And this half of the department is known for being rather, well, mature and conversative.

Well! the SVP heartily shook my hand four times telling me that it was "a perfect party", "The best yet".

I managed to get squeezed and pinched a fair bit by two older men who thought I was the cutest thing. I was able to shut them down politely with several witty barbs and my boss later said: "I can't believe they said that to you, but you handled it perfectly."

Ice Prince has been sick all weekend. Projectile vomiting. Call the Priest.

Now on to next week. And getting my homemade Christmas cards out. Finally. If I can keep IP from tossing up his oatmeal on them. (Aw, what the hell. Looks decorative.)

Don't firget to RSVP for La Fete de la Reine: Because It's Always Noon Somewhere!

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