Monday, December 20, 2004

No, it’s NOT that time of the month
Ah……the busiest part of the year has now ended. Well, the part at work anyway.

It’s been a crazy three weeks:
Totally gutted basement
Fresh slipped a disk gutting the basement.
Finished gutting it myself and prepared for new carpet
Fed Fresh Percoset
Wrote and administered six town halls in nine locations in two countries (no I didn’t travel)
Wrote a 7 page newsletter (was supposed to just edit but no one can write to my standards).
Planned and hosted two office holiday parties.
Sent handmade Christmas cards (yesterday, so watch your mailbox)
Made 6 dozen chocolate covered pretzels (2 dozen at my desk. Come and get ‘em!)
Dealt with spawn of Satan (actually spawn of Fresh) almost 4 year old who if he could say “talk to the hand”, would

I’m so tired and post-stressy that I just burst out in tears if Fresh asks me where I store the coffee, or anything else for that matter.

Sunday morning at 7:50 am our power went out. So we went for breakfast at the Tulip. I figured Ice Prince would be continuing with the Demon Seed from Hell behaviour, but he was absolutely adorable and ate 4 giant pancakes, two of which were on my plate. So that was nice. The power was back on when we got home at 3 pm. Then I burst out in tears. Again.

I am hosting and posting over at Wanda’s tomorrow, so drop by. “It’s the most Wandaful time of the year!”

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