Thursday, December 16, 2004

It’s Getting Better All the Time
I am THIS close to being done all my major projects before the holidays. Tomorrow is payday. My dear friends Crabby and the Sister gave me a spa gift certificate for my birthday (yes, my birthday is on the 31st, but this is so that I can be waxed and buffed and ready for the party season.) Keep those gifts coming! I’ve got an appointment to get my highlights updated. Tomorrow is our office party. Life is good.

But I need to finish making my Christmas cards tonight.

The IP Report
I sent Ice Prince off to school today with a tin full of oatmeal craisin cookies. He shook the tin most of the way, so it was probably just a big ol’ tin of oatmeal when he got there. Sugary buttery oatmeal. Mmmmm…..

I asked what he wanted to get his teacher. “A name tag. With flowers.” Yeah, whatever. I think we’ll make her a card.

Today, he was wearing a sweatshirt, concept by Ice Queen, tailoring by Ice Queen Mum. It says “Naughty or nice?” and has a check box next to each. There is a little ribbon on a pin and you can mark which he is that day. His morning, he was naughty. For Easter, he had a shirt that had fluffy chicks on it and it said “Chick Magnet”. And he’s also got a wee apron that says “Short Order Chef”. I really do think if my mom brought her stuff to Toronto, we could make a bundle selling these little gems.

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