Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Joan Crawford, Formerly Known as Ice Queen
So apparently, to be a good mom, I have to buy the teacher a present and make nut-free treats for tomorrow. All the cool moms are doing it.

Bloody, bloody, bloody.

Crabby and Sister and coming over tonight for wine. Maybe we can make some rude shaped gingerbread cookies to send with Ice Prince tomorrow.

As for a present, when I was in school, it was against school policy to give your teacher a present, because it was unfair to the poorer kids. Some kid's mom asked me if I wanted to contribute to a gift certificate and I told her this. I haven't heard from her since. Did I ice her? But all the other kids were toting prezzies to school today and tomorrow's the official party, so I'd better manage something. Oh yeah, and payday is two days away, Fresh took the bottle of wine I had planned to serve tonight and I'm serving whatever is in my cupboard to the girls this evening - lots of orzo. So the teacher may be getting a gently used book or Christmas ornament at this rate. I've got a book called "I Don't Know How She Does It". In the first chapter, the mom is sprinkling icing sugar over store bought mince tarts to take into school so they look homemade. That'd be appropriate eh?

Still crazy busy at work, but thought I'd vent for a moment. If it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium.

Wine sounds real good.

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