Friday, November 12, 2004

Winter Fashion Chez Ice
On my day off yesterday, I went to Zellers and bought:
A pair of aqua blue Muggs for me (a cheap knock off of Uggs boots). Warm ‘n’ toasty! Went for a walk in them and they made my feet sweat!
A pair of Spiderman winter boots for the Prince. Spidey’s eyes light up when he walks.
A red and navy Nordic flap hat with a big tassel for IP

Ice Prince loved his new gear so much, he curled up in an armchair hugging his loot and refused to put them down until dinner was ready. He also ripped off his hat at the school door and proudly showed it to his teacher, explainingg that it matches his Spidey boots which he didn’t wear today because it wasn’t snowing yet..

Christmas Presents
Once again, the Queen will be making her Christmas presents. I can’t tell you this year’s idea because some of you may be recipients, but it is edible (at least, that’s the plan….)

Past Ice Queen Homemade Triumphs include:
Tile coasters with Jack Handey quotations on them
Infused olive oil
Chocolate truffles
Russian nesting dolls, handpainted to look like all family members (for my mom) – I should get a picture of these for the blog!
Bird house handpainted to look like Glencoe Train Station (for my Dad)
Handknit scarf for Fresh that turned out to be about 12 feet long and 2 feet wide.

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