Thursday, November 04, 2004

A Few Good Men
Wanda is in mourning about the election results and one of her readers suggested that she could marry a Canadian and move here, since we allow same sex marriage in this enlightened country.
So let’s start up that Underground Maleroad.

Canadian boys and girls, are you ready to give up your singlehood to save an American?

Americans, are you ready to embrace this godless country of pot smoking sodomites?

Orientation classes will include the topics:
Food: You’ve Always Got Time for Tim Hortons
Language: Why does May 24 not always fall on the 24th?
Money: How to tell the difference between Canadian currency and Canadian Tire Money
Manners: Saying “You’re Welcome”
Music: Learning to Love Ron Sexsmith and Rufus Wainwright
Art: Group of Seven Actually Had Eight Members
Film: Sarah Polley must appear in all Canadian films or a disclaimer must be run.
Seasons: Construction and Winter

Please attach applications for immigrating or for sponsoring an American in the comments section.

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