Friday, November 19, 2004

Meme for a Friday
Type each single letter of the alphabet in the address bar of your browser and list what the auto-complete function pulls up first. I think I first saw this at Paper Napkin and then at Reecie who got it somewhere else. You’re supposed to actually link the site, but I’m too bloody lazy for that nonsense.
A is for Accordion Guy
B is for Babelfish
C is for Chip Tijuana
D is for Dantallion
E is for Edition CNN
F is for Food 4 Epicurious
G is for
H is for Harlequeen Romances
I is for Irascible Musings
J is for Job Search at
K is for Kids Help Phone
L is for
M is for Mikey The Legend
N is for Naditu (Sister Stace’s bellydance site)
O is for some Microsoft Office site.
P is for Paper Napkin
Q is for Quizilla
R is for
S is for Scream for Ice Queen
T is for Toronto IABC
U is for nothin’
V is for Vintage Art Posters
W is for nothin’
X is for nothin’
Y is for nothin’
Z is for nothin’

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