Monday, November 22, 2004

Song For Sister Staceypatrick on Her Just-Past Birthday
Went to Sister Stacey's* birthday party on Saturday. For a present, she was given her bellydance name. Last I heard it was: Nashita. I'll let Sis explain the significance and meaning, etc. But here's the song I promised her (not the full thing, I'll crazy busy here.)

Nashita (to that Elton John Tune)

Oh Nashita, is it cold
With your belly button swaying and exposed?
When you look out in the crowd
Nashita, do you count the tickets sold?

Oh Nashita, you will never know
How to fix your blogger code
Is it because you're getting so damn old?
Oh, whoa, Nashita, don't hit me -- ow!

*New readers, she's not my real sister, but she abuses me like one. And vice-versa.

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