Thursday, November 20, 2003

Our Babysitter, The ECE Student

In my e-mail: Ice Prince is fine, although he thinks he's a dog. "A black dog! Rrrwoof! Pant, pant!"

In her reply e-mail: It's great to hear he's exploring dramatic play. It's so integral to a child's learning as it helps them represent their world around them in a manageable way.

Isn't she great? And she brings him costumes and playdough and books when she comes. I love her!

Prospective Bad Day
Six Million Dollar Cat© is going to the vet this morning. I thought he had last year's infection because he became so listless last night, but when I went to scritch him under the chin this morning, there was a big lump. Oooooohhhhhhh......

Please send your prayers to Saint Francis of Assisi or the pagan god of your choice. Bastet, maybe.

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