Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I suddenly feel much better! I know, I have to take it easy for a while and learn to delegate. But it's so hard! I love to do stuff.

Things to Do With My Newfound Energy
Have friends over for dinner.
Go out for dinner.
Cook things in my newly assembled recipe book
Get a set of nails put on for the holiday season.
Buy tops. (Skirts at Value Village are great but second hand tops are grody-rific)
Buy slipcover at IKEA and Ice Prince's Christmas present - an easel.
Make Christmas presents for friends and family
Make outdoor Christmas decorations using ice and berries (from 2001 Food and Drink Holiday issue)
Make drinks using ice and berries (Ibid.) Don't confuse the two.

Resolutions to Keep me Healthy
Split pick up and drop off Ice Prince duties with Fresh.
Eat more fruit.
Do laundry regularly, not every two weeks.
Pre-cook meals (eg pastitsio, lasagna)
Dress warmly (did I mention my adorable new coat? I got an adorable matching hat. Boomer....we need pictures!)
Start running. Slooooooooooooowly.
Don't stay up to watch the Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Hmmm...try taping?
Learn to tape things on VCR.

Playing in my Head:Smooth Criminal covered by Alien Ant Farm. Good stuff! Go download it, Beco. You'll like it.

Hey, if you had your own psycho-wacko theme park(à la Neverland), what would you have it it? I have to think....but there would defintely be Meerkats (properly cared for by a Meerkat specialist of course.) and otters. A wave pool and water slide. Tilt-O-Whirl and Scrambler. Carnival games. Wooden roller coaster. Concert venue. Ice Cream Waffle vendor. Tiny Tom donuts. Go Karts. Place where you can dress up in funny clothes and get your picture taken. Old-fashioned fireworks at night. A electric water parade. These neon stick that glow when you crack em in half. Bumper boats. Log flume ride. Oh, and of course a musical extravaganza "Tribute to the Ice Queen".

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