Sunday, November 23, 2003

Och, ha'e ye time for a wee chin wag?

So I've been enjoying reading Vitamin Q. I found a post where he lists "Things which, if you sit with a group of friends in a bar for long enough, you will, eventually discuss." I figure we're all friends here so draw a pint or pull a cork and I'll save you the trouble:

1 your middle names
2 first crush on a famous person
Jimmy Baio. Yup, not Scott Baio, but his C List cousin. He was on "Soap". A google search reveals no teenage photos of him, even though he was in Tiger Beat every issue for a while.
3 embarrassing vomit stories
Freshman year: getting up repeatedly to throw up while a certain someone named Sister Staceypatrick was trying to get physical in the next bed in my dorm room.
4 relationships with your siblings
No siblings.
5 sweets, toys and TV from the past
Oh, I discussed these on the blog before. See archives.
6 childhood nicknames
Devil Dick. My son also gets called this by my Mom. Fresh thought it sound rude, but I think it's just an old Scottish Expression.
7 the one drink you can't drink anymore
Eggnog (from a Brandy and Eggnog experience on my 19th birthday.)
8 first record bought
I remember receiving Meatloaf's Bat Out Of Hell. The first record I remember buying was some Billy Joel 45. (Chip, if you're reading, those were small records with one song on each side.)
9 your parent's first names
Peter and Nancy
10 'unbelievable' coincidences
Can't think of any right now.
11 loss of virginity particulars
Boring! No, really. Although it would have happened earlier if Sister Staceypatrick hadn't come back early from pub one fateful night. I remember flipping the lock shut from inside every time she opened it in order to give my young man a chance to dress. She just though she couldn't open it 'cause she was really drunk.
12 prizes or competitions you have won
I wrote a whole blog post on this. Most recently was the trip to Niagara on the Lake.
13 paranormal experiences
Regular readers will know that my dear departed Nana communicates with me and protects me in mysterious ways.

It occurs to me that most of my stories involve Sister Staceypatrick and drink. Draw your own conclusions.

Feeling tipsy? Feel free to divulge.

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