Saturday, December 31, 2005

If today is your birthday (aka Don’t Get Thee To A Nunnery)

Even though you can pull off most anything that you put your mind to, be extra-attuned to your feelings about these undertakings. In other words: If you really want to be a writer, this is not the year to rededicate your efforts to house painting; if you really want to raise a family, this is not the year to rededicate yourself to the nunnery/monastery, et al. – Vogue Australia

TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (December 31). You leap forward financially this year by doing exactly what you like. Friends find you divinely gregarious through January, but you also need a lot of time on your own. Solitude is creative. Family offers help in May, and you are wise to take them up on it! Travel is featured in July. You make sweet connections with Virgo and Libra people.– Washington Post

Happy Birthday: A meeting with your past will get you thinking about days gone by. Regrets are a waste of time; the only thing that counts is what you do in the present to make your future brighter. An opportunity will come your way that can make up for lost time or poor decisions. Keep an open eye and use your experience to get ahead. You are incredibly courageous, calculating and very cool. You are steady and can easily gain respect. You back down from nothing and no one. You are strong, determined and willful. – Eugenia Last


I already opened my present from my parents. It’s so cool. It’s a….

Well, you’re just going to have to wait and see. Or you can guess. It starts with the letter “B” and is fun at parties.

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